Computer Repair

This website is no longer affiliated with Make It Work™. Make It Work™, a pioneer in at-home mobile computer repair and service, was based out of Santa Barbara, California. Some of their services included:

  • PC troubleshooting and support
  • computer repair
  • computer upgrades
  • computer maintenance
  • data recovery
  • virus removal
  • computer networking
  • storage
  • wireless systems
  • integration of home theatre

Make It Work™ closed their doors in June 2012.

There are numerous computer repair shops in the Santa Barbara, among them, big box electronic giants like Best Buys Good Guys & Apple store, and the smaller local friendly computer shops like Santa Barbara PC Tech. Try anyone of these repair shops by visiting them online or in person and see if they can help resolve your issues. Any one of them can help with computer upgrades, virus removal and/or data recovery. As is the case with virus removal, almost al of the above mentioned shops are able to mitigate damaged caused by malware and spyware. Most will run virus scans, clean your laptop or desktop and install an anti virus.